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Reward Better with instant, real-time delivery.
ecard rewards Reach Out to Us
Reward Better with customized and personalized reward programs.
ecard rewards Reach Out to Us
Reward Better with seamless mobile engagement.

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About the Virtual Incentives Platform

At Virtual Incentives, we work closely with our partners to transform the reward experience through our unique, innovative reward platform. Everything we do keeps your reward recipient’s experience top of mind with instant, mobile-compatible delivery, choice, superior customer service and high levels of personal relevancy. And with agile ordering and delivery systems, it’s easy to integrate all your incentive programs.

Seamless Mobile Reward Experience

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EGIFTCARD interview

An interview With Jonathan Price, CEO of Virtual Incentives and a pioneer in the incentives and rewards space.Read the Article

“This new digital platform will allow us to more quickly fulfill customer reward requests.”

Jason Burns

Jason BurnsExecutive Director of Marketing & Business Analytics - Constellation

Driving innovation to transform the reward experience.